The CRV Board consists of volunteers from many towns within our boundary. We thank them for their time and dedication to making this a successful league with the intent of making successful players.



Joey Thomas


Vice Presidents

Kyle Knott (Baseball)

Jon McKibben (Softball)


Player Agents

Bruce Danielson(Baseball) 

Juan Santana (Softball) 



Angie Weber



Owen Madison


Coaching Coordinator

Ryan Harlow


Field Coordinator

Brock Hedberg


Equipment Manager

Taylor Arbeny

Matt LaRocque


League Information Officer

Silvia Santana  


Safety Officer

Kyle Knott


League Secretary

Kendra Thomas


Fundraising Coordinator

Kendra Thomas

Public Relations Coordinator

Ashlee Hazard




We know that with the registration fee you are making a sizable investment in our league. We are a non-profit organization that uses those funds to hold practices, games, and participate in tournaments. In fact, the 2019 season cost roughly $45,000.

Here are some of the biggest items from 2019:

Equipment $13,000 

Field Fees - $8,500

Umpire Costs - $6,500

Uniforms - $13,500

Charter & Insurance - $2,000


We anticipate costs to increase this upcoming season. We are registering more players each year (which is awesome), but it also means more money is needed to run the league. Every new team needs $1,000 worth of new equipment, as well as associated increases in all the above categories. 

Additionally, as our teams become more and more competitive, CRV must plan to pay to send teams to the state and regional qualifiers. If a team qualifies for the Little League World Series, those costs would be paid by Little League International.

We thank you for paying your registrations and participating in this year's fundraiser. We could not have a league without these efforts.

If you would like to make a donation to CRV to sponsor a team, player, or help with the general fund please contact us.

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